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Simonds FilesNicholson Files
Premium Quality Files for the Professional Sharpener

Files for the professional sharpener. We stock a full line of specialty files including taper saw files, mill, corrugating, farrier files and many others for the repair and sharpening of all types of tooling.
  • Simonds Saw Files
  • Single Cut
  • Double Cut
  • File Guides
  • Taper Files
  • Specialty Files
  • Improved Taper (No Tang)
  • Mill File  (Bastard, Second and Smooth Cut) 2 square edges & 1 and 2 round edges
We have the entire line of Simonds files available.  Some examples are: curved tooth files, die sinker files, die sinker riffler files, home & garden files, lathe files, Magicut files, needle files, plastics file, round files, silversmith riffler files, square files, swiss pattern files, veneer knife files, woodcraft files.
  • File Handles and File Cleaners
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